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We are fortunate to grow in the great and emerging China, the honor falls great time, have the opportunity to engage in full of wonderful, kind and have great prospects of major health industry.
We should make full of innovation and passion, full of desire to succeed, full of healthy human mission.
We have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship together for ten years, twenty years, and even more fortunate that we will together create the next ten or twenty years ......
We will join hands to shoulder the sacred mission entrusted by the times, adhere to the "win-win situation, efficient, sustainable, leading" values, complete the "employee happiness, social services," the mission.
Create "big health industry leader," the goal must be achieved, it will be realized!
So, we will be worthy of this great era!

Dragon Pharmaceutical too
Taloph is located in Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, is in production, management, scientific research in one, with Chinese and Western medicine products, the production of oral liquid, tablets, capsules, fluids, and other forms of drug a total of 100 kinds of products of modern pharmaceutical companies. Companies registered capital of 574 million yuan, the main economic indicators among the best in Henan Province in the pharmaceutical industry.


The company is a high-tech enterprises in Henan Province, is certified by the National Science and Technology national Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, the National Development and Reform Commission as "national high-tech industrialization demonstration project", the State Ministry of Personnel approved postdoctoral workstation sub-station. Repeatedly been rated "outstanding enterprises in Zhengzhou City," "Drug standardized management of advanced collective", Henan Province, "the implementation of GMP varieties as a unit management advanced enterprise", "Best Employers integrity unit", "tax-free enterprise," " A-class tax credit units. " Registered trademark was identified as "Famous Chinese Trademark", "Henan Province."

Companies 2014-2018 five-year strategic development plan implemented.

Hebei Tai Long Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established to become my company's third holding business subsidiary. Glass bottle infusion production line through the new version of GMP certification. Health care products workshop through GMP certification. After the company listed the first refinancing completed.

Signed film star Zeng Zhiwei as the company's image spokesperson. The company won the "food and drug standardization management" advanced collective title.

Non-PVC soft bag infusion production line through the national new GMP certification. "Dragon" trademark won the "China Famous Brand." The company's new LOGO officially opened.

Won the "Class A credit rating taxpayer" honorary title.

General Secretary Jiang Zemin Inspections
is Taloph

Li Keqiang
Inspections is too Taloph

Li Changchun
Inspections is Taloph


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